Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass

The appearance of glass with the comparative advantages of standard wood products.

• 10x more break-resistant than real glass.
• Flexible assembly on-site - exact gaps for electrical elements, such as sockets, can be measured and cut on site.
• Processing is possible with common woodworking tools.
• Fewer rejects – reduced sensitivity to impact and fracture. 
• 50% lighter than real glass.
• Colourfast and UV-resistant. 
• Environmentally safe and can be disposed of in the household waste.
• Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass components are tested for water, temperature and heat resistance, compliant with European standards.  

Rehau Crystal Composite Boards.

Now available at Performance Panels, Rehau Crystal Composite boards are UV-resistant, fully customisable, 20mm pressed Moisture Resistant MDF - ideal for interior applications that may be subject to occasional wetting or humidity.

Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass composite is colourfast, with significantly lower production costs plus the convenience of cutting and drilling during installation. 

reahu crystal polymeric glass

Rehau Crystal Slim

Rehau Crystal Slim offers a high-quality glass finish and maximum design flexibility.

This slimline 4 mm thin panel of polymer glass laminate is directly pressed with colour coordinated balancing sheets and delivered as a large size board. 
It features the same processing properties as Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass and is especially suitable for renovating tiled sections, even in wet areas. 

Flexible cutting and drilling Rehau Rauvisio crystal

Unlike real glass, Rehau Crystal Slim enables flexible on-site fabrication due to its simple processing with woodworking tools. Recesses for electrical fittings such as a socket can be
precisely measured and cut out, eliminating the need for templates.  


Rehau Crystal Slim is lightweight, allowing for a whole new range of design options. This also means savings are made in transportation and packaging, right through to installation.

Range of colour options 

Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass is available in eight colours, in a high-gloss or matt finish glass laminate, in sheet size 2800 x 1300mm. 
Available in 20mm thick sheets, or as Rehau Crystal Slim 4mm thin sheets.  

To request a sample, please contact us with your name, company name (if applicable), address, and telephone number.

The Coordinated Edgeband Collection

Also shown below is matching RAUKANTEX edgeband from REHAU. Available in high-gloss (G), matt finish (M) or Visions (V) edgeband for a true glass pane effect.

 Rehau Crystal Colours

Crystal Magnetic & Crystal Mirror

Coming Soon!

reahu crystal magnetic

Rehau Crystal Magnetic glass laminate has a 100µm steel-foil inlay making it suitable for neodymium magnets, whilst the surface properties of Rehau Crystal is ideal for whiteboard markers.
Perfect for office areas, kitchen splashbacks and living areas.
Available as large format board with MR MDF core or as a 4.2mm slim version.
Rehau Crystal Mirror has a highly reflective surface making it comparable to a real glass mirror but with flexible processing capabilities, thanks to its polymer properties.

Crystal mirror material is pliable and can be formed into almost any shape. Ideal for door mirrors, wall mirrors, and wall coverings.

  • Process with common woodworking tools
  • Dirt-resistant coating makes it easy to clean
  • 50% Lighter than real glass mirror
  • 10 x more break-resistant than real glass mirror
  • 20% less waste compared to real glass mirror.


Rehau Crystal Information Click on image to view
Rehau Crystal Slim Splashback Installation Video: Rehau Crystal Slim Video
Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass Brochure: Rehau Crystal Brochure
 Rehau Crystal Time Lapse Video. Renovating - tiles vs. Rehau Crystal Slim  Rehau Crystal video
Rehau Crystal Technical Information Rehau Crystal Brochure


Rehau Crystal Applications

  • Interior wall panel cladding
  • Furniture facades 
  • Direct surface solutions
  • Whiteboards





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