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GetaCore solid surface is a non-porous, high quality, highly moisture resistant surface. It is warm to the touch with uniformity in texture and colouring rarely found. 

A perfect blend of functionality and design, batch free production creates constant decors and structures.

  • Exceptionally stable, tempered product with minimal expansion and contraction 
  • Large sheet size of 4100mm x 1250mm, available in 3mm & 10mm across an extensive colour range
  • Batch free production - guaranteed colour match for a minimum of 2 years
  • Ideal for use with contact adhesive – L90 Tensor Grip is the approved adhesive for use with GetaCore sheet material
  • Sheets can be easily thermoformed 
  • Create a joint-free appearance for hygienic, seamlessly integrated surfaces
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Processed with standard woodworking machinery. Features such as grooves can be routed in the solid surface; draining areas and sink cut-outs can be made precisely in-line with your specifications.

Available in the UK

GetaCore® solid surface material, manufactured by Westag & Getalit, is available to order at Performance Panels in 3mm and 10mm sheets, complemented by 22mm sheets.

To request a sample, please contact us with your name, company name (if applicable), address, and telephone number. State the colour and code of the GetaCore Solid Surface decor.

Getacore Solid Surface

getacore colours
getacore colours

GetaCore Accessories

Coved Profile

Acrylic-bound Solid Surface material suitable to create a radiused edge between worktop and upstand.  4100mm. 8mm Radius.

Acrylic Joint Glue

GetaCore 2-component acrylic glue/joint adhesive in 50ml or 250ml cartridges, including 2 mixing nozzles. (Additional nozzles are essential when using the same GetaCore cartridge more than twice.)

Sanding Kits

SemiMat/SuperMat Sanding Kit - 2 x P120 Sanding Pads, P180 Sanding Pads, P320 Sanding pads, VF 360 (red) Sanding pads, S400 (black) Sanding Pads and 1 x STS 150

High Gloss Sanding Kit - 2 x P120 Sanding Pads, P180 Sanding Pads, P320 Sanding Pads, P500 Sanding Pads, P800 Sanding Pads, P1200 Sanding Pads and 1 x STS 150, 1 x Felt Pad.

Getacore commercial applications

3mm Solid Surface Sheet Materials

3mm solid surface often referred to as a ‘veneer’, provides the same seamless appearance and the surface performance of GetaCore 10mm and 22mm sheets but at a very cost effective price.
It is a hard wearing and renewable surface which can be bonded to wood substrates, ideal for many commercial applications where a joint free appearance and hygiene is important.

Tensor Grip L90

GataCore Solid Surface Sheets are rigorously tested with an approved vertical cladding adhesive system, Tensor Grip L90, available to order. Click on the video below for instructions on how to use Tensor Grip.
Tensorgrip l90
TensorGrip® L90 is suitable for bonding solid surface materials to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials. TensorGrip® L90 has the ability to bond ACRYLIC based surface materials successfully without attacking or reacting with the fundamental core properties of the sheets themselves.  
Westag has approved L90 for use on their Getacore 3mm and 10mm sheets.

Available in 22ltr canister and 500ml aerosol.

Typical GetaCore Solid Surface Applications

Retail – Shop interiors, cabinets and display units, fit outs, wall cladding, counter tops, shelves.
Office – Table tops, workstations, bathroom vanity areas
Leisure – Reception areas, check in desks, shower cladding
Hospitality –Lift and foyers, tables, reception desks, food preparation, bar surfaces, splash backs.

10mm and 22mm GetaCore Solid Surface Sheet Materials.

Self-supporting 10mm and 22mm GetaCore sheet materials are ideal for both commercial and residential applications, where high quality, durable surfaces with ease of maintenance is a must.
GetaCore solid surfaces are easily thermoformed to offer an unparalleled design freedom.

Typical Applications

Suitable for horizontal indoor surfaces such as:

• Kitchen worktops
• Worktops in clinics, doctors' surgeries, schools
• Basin cabinets, washstands in bathrooms
• Counters in shops, public buildings, hotels or catering premises
• The 10mm sheets are suitable for window sills.

Suitable for vertical indoor surfaces such as:

• Partitions for changing rooms and solariums
• Furniture panels in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Getacore applications

GetaCore Solid Surface Properties

• Food safe according to recommendations EN1186 and EN 13 130
• Heat resistant up to 180° C in accordance with ISO 19712
• Resistant to common household chemicals in accordance with ISO 19712
• Hygienic and easy to clean
• Joint-free appearance
• Lightfast wool standard level 6 according to ISO 4892, ISO 105-B02, and ISO 105-A02
• Outstanding material properties provide a warm feel
• Can be repaired and touch-sanded
• Non-porous
• Highly moisture resistant
• Uniform texture and colouring
• Resistant to food stains
• Very resistant to impact
• Processed with standard woodworking machinery
• Batch free production. 

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To request a sample, please contact us with your name, company name (if applicable), address, and telephone number. State the colour and code of the GetaCore Solid Surface decor.



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