Crystal Polymeric Glass

Rehau Crystal - Combining functionality and durability with design flexibility.

Rehau Crystal ‘smart glass’ offers a high-quality glass finish, but with the beneficial properties of thermoplastic laminates.

Offering an excellent depth effect, Rehau Crystal is lighter and stronger than real glass and can be processed using conventional woodworking tools.

From small projects to large-scale industrial size concepts, Rehau Crystal is the ideal material - offering up to 20% less waste due to its low impact and break-susceptibility, combined with flexible assembly on-site.

Available in Rehau Crystal Slim, Rehau Crystal Composite and Rehau Crystal magnetic. See further details below, plus brochure and technical downloads.

Crystal Mirror is also available, with the same advantages as Crystal Slim and Composite.


  • Interior wall panel cladding
  • Furniture facades
  • Direct surface solutions
  • Whiteboards   
  • Splashbacks
  • Partitioning

Rehau Specification

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Conglomerato chiaro


Conglomerato scuro


Marmo toscana


Marmo romano


Marmo bianco


Marmo nero


Legno argentato


Legno marrone


Legno antico


Legno bruciato


Legno sbiancato



New Decors - perfect for wall linings and furniture fronts

New Crystal stone, wood and art effect decors now available.

Vivid decors inspired by new interior design trends - perfect for furniture fronts or as large-scale wall panels. Let your imagination run wild! 


    Rehau panels are lightweight, can be processed on-site and provide a high-class finish; 
    the ideal choice for prestigious projects.             





Rehau Crystal Slim
Rehau Crystal Slim

Rehau Crystal Slim offers a high-quality glass finish and maximum design flexibility.

This slimline 4 mm product consists of a thin panel of polymer glass laminate, directly pressed with a colour-coordinated balancing sheet.

Rehau Crystal Slim is especially suitable for renovating tiled sections, or even in wet areas.

Flexible cutting and drilling

Unlike real glass, Rehau Crystal Slim enables flexible on-site fabrication due to its simple processing with woodworking tools. Recesses for electrical fittings such as a socket can be precisely measured and cut out, eliminating the need for templates. 


Rehau Crystal Slim is lightweight, allowing for a whole new range of design options. This also means savings can be made, from transportation and packaging right through to installation.

Rehau Crystal Composite
Rehau Crystal Composite

Rehau Crystal Composite boards are pressed large size boards of high gloss or matt finish glass laminate and colour-coordinated balancing sheets on Moisture Resistant MDF - ideal for interior applications that may be subject to occasional wetting or humidity.

Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass composite is colourfast, with significantly lower production costs plus the convenience of cutting and drilling during installation.

Rehau Crystal 'smart glass' offers design flexibility - inlays or grooves can be used to create unique decorative features. Grooves can be combined with special lighting to create amazing backlit stand-out pieces.

Rehau Crystal Magnetic
Rehau Crystal Magnetic

Rehau Crystal Magnetic glass laminate has a 100µm steel-foil inlay making it suitable for neodymium magnets. Its surface properties, being waterproof and non-porous, makes Rehau Crystal ideal for whiteboard markers.

The matt version leaves no fingerprints behind and can be used as a chalkboard.

Rehau Crystal Magnetic is lightweight, 10 x more break-resistant and 50% lighter than real glass, with a reduced sensitivity to impact and fracture - making it ideal for magnetic whiteboards, office areas, kitchen splashbacks and living areas.

Available as large format board with a moisture resistant MDF core, or as a 4.2mm slim version.



Installation of Rehau Crystal Slim
Installation of Rehau Crystal Slim

Rehau Crystal 'Smart Glass' Properties
Rehau Crystal 'Smart Glass' Properties

Rehau Crystal 10 x more break resistant than real glass

10 x more break resistant

Crystal Polymeric Glass is 10 times more break resistant than conventional glass



Rehau Crystal 50% lighter than real glass50% Lighter than glass

A lightweight innovative surface solution with significant advantages in handling and fabrication



Rehau Crysal Polymeric Glass - endless design opportunities

Endless design possibilities

Chose from décors with a gloss or matt finish, plus made-to-order bespoke décors 



Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass for on-site fabricationOn-site fabrication

Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass can be processed using conventional woodworking tools



Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass - Compact and slimFlexible solutions

Chose from individual components or pressed large size boards, Crystal Composite



Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass zero joint edge technology

Zero joint edge technology

Use Rehau edgebandings to achieve perfectly matched zero joint edge detailing



Rehau Crystal Magnetic Polymeric Glass Rehau Crystal Magnetic

Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass is also available with a 100µm steel-foil inlay for magnetic boards.



Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass meets the highest European standardsHighest standards

Tested for water, temperature and heat resistance compliance to European standards

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