Westag & Getalit Ranges

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NB: Samples we provide are for colour and texture representation only.
Thicknesses and sizes will vary.


Raindrops Anthracite


Raindrops Ivory

GCR 783

Raindrops Coffee

GC 1112

Frosted Space

GC 1122

Frosted Dark

GC 2232

Frosted Light

GC 2245

Frosted Star


Frosted Carat

GC 2269

Frosted Cloud

GC 3737

Frosted Sahara

GC 1001

Vienna Black

GC 4143

Frosted Dust

GC 4422

Frosted Flint

GC 4712

Frosted Grey

GC 4732

Frosted Melange

GC 6172

Frosted Wine

GC 7193

Frosted Pepper

GC 7312

Frosted Sand

GC 7761

Frosted Tobacco

GC 9923

Frosted Vanilla

GC 2002

Cream White

GC 2004

Ivory White

GC 2007


GC 2008

Davos White

GC 2011

Titan White

GC 3005

Desert Sand

GC 3007

Rome sand

GC 3008

Cream cashmere

GC 4001

New York Grey

GC 4002

London Grey

GC 4004

Asphalt Grey


Manhattan Grey


Soho Grey

GC 5008

Glass Green

GC 6001

Sevilla Red

GC 6004

Pastel Violet

GCV 142

Marmo Meduna

GCV 223

Marmo Padola

GCV 239

Marmo Piave

GCV 374

Marmo Brenta


Marmo Livenza

GC 1062

Miracle Black

GC 1472

Miracle Stone

GC 2258

Miracle Rock

GC 2371

Miracle White

GC 2388

Miracle Beach

GC 2423

Miracle Sand

GC 3210

Miracle Dessert

GC 3322

Miracle Shell

GC 3328

Miracle Coast

GC 3391

Miracle Dune

GC 3434

Miracle Vanilla

GC 3961

Miracle Feather

GC 4439

Miracle Granite

GC 4715

Miracle Flint

GC 4884

Miracle Basalt

GC 5242

Miracle Cliff

GC 5665

Miracle Camoflague

GC 6421

Miracle Coral

GC 6886

Miracle Berry

GC 7227

Miracle Coffee

GC 7557

Miracle Cognac

GC 7940

Miracle Caramel

GC 8558

Miracle Lagoon

GCS 176

Star Mars

GCS 189

Star Anthracite

GCS 356

Star Champagne

GCS 415

Star Metallic

GCS 692

Star Sevilla Red

GCS 746

Star Venus

GCT 236

Terrazzo Crystal

GCT 244

Terrazzo Pebble

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Other Ranges

Free Rehau Crystal samples. Rehau Crystal Polymeric Glass is an innovative surface material with the appearance of glass and the comparative advantages of standard wood products. Complimented by high quality edgebanding solutions for both Crystal and Arpa HPL laminates

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Free Arpa samples. Arpa Decorative High Pressure Laminates (HPL) and Compact Grade Laminates (CGL) for a diverse range of interior design and furniture use.

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Free Trespa samples. Trespa TopLabPLUS, TopLabBASE  & TopLabVERTICAL for scientific & educational furniture, Trespa Meteon for exterior facade applications, Trespa Virtuon for demanding internal applications, and Trespa Pura NFC for a smart cladding system.

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