Trespa Pura NFC® External Cladding

Trespa Pura NFC Smart Cladding System

Trespa Pura NFC External Cladding 

Attractive, durable cladding with a smart fixing system for commercial and residential buildings alike 

  • Trepsa Pura NFC® can be installed quickly using the smart cladding system. 
  • Planks are extensively tested for impact and UV resistance. 
  • 10-year conditional product guarantee, including colour stability.
  • Trespa Pura NFC®  has a closed surface making it easy to clean due to its low dirt build up. Panels maintain their colour and the planks' high durability means there will be no need to paint or lacquer the panels in the future.
  • High impact and scratch resistance for an impressive and durable installation. 













Design Freedom

Trespa Pura Blue House

Trespa Pura claddings can be installed either vertically or horizontally in lap or flush finishes. The planks are easy to cut and handle and are perfect for either traditional ventilated facades or innovative new designs.

Trespa Pura NFC

Trespa Pura

Pre-packed Trespa Pura cladding units can be purchased with matching components such as profiles, clips and screws.

Available colours.

Due to the popularity of Trespa Pura, new wood and uni colours have been added to the range:

Trespa Pura colours - new

To order Trespa Pura brochures and samples please  CONTACT US   


Trespa Pura Video

 Installation Guidelines


Trespa Pura Information & Information Click on the image
Flush sidings installation guide:  Trespa Pure Installation Guide
Lap sidings installation guide: Trespa pura lap sidings
Trespa Pura Installation video: Trespa Pura Installation video
Trespa Pura brochure: Trespa Pura Brochure
Trespa plank information: Trespa Pura plank info

For CAD drawings contact us. Please state whether you require flush or lap sidings drawings.


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