Trespa® Virtuon® - Unique Interior Panels 

  • Manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC), for demanding interior applications
  • Impact and moisture resistant
  • Striking aesthetics and exceptional hygienic performance
  • Smooth surfaces for significantly low dirt pick up
  • Designed for frequent cleaning
  • Inherent antibacterial properties, without the introduction of antimicrobial additives
  • Machined similar to high-quality hardwood using standard carpentry tools - for a variety of installation and finishing options.
  • Broad range of basic, modern, and trendsetting colours, including metallic options
  • Attractive, robust and highly durable, with a long life of retained appearance

Suggested applications  

  • Hospitals and Healthcare facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Transport terminals
  • Sports grounds and arenas
  • Nursing homes
  • Catering facilities
  • Retail settings.
  • Ideal for wall linings in areas requiring high-performance interiors.
  • Sanitary areas and lockers, due to Trespa Virtuon's resistance to impact and humidity.
  • Public and private swimming pools
To request a sample, please contact us with your name, company name (if applicable), address, and telephone number.

Why choose Trespa Virtuon panels?

Trespa Virtuon materials resist bacterial growth and allow quick and effective cleaning - making them ideal for areas with heavy traffic and where bacteria and dirt may pose a real threat, such as hospitals, service stations, sports grounds and public swimming baths.

Trespa Virtuon is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate. Trespa technology combines wood-based fibres with thermosetting resins, under high pressure and at high temperatures, to create highly desirable panels with striking aesthetics and exceptional hygienic performance without the introduction of antimicrobial additives

  • Trespa Virtuon combines the durability of HPL compact panels with a closed, impermeable surface.
  • Due to this closed EBC composition, Trespa Virtuon surfaces are smooth and show significantly low dirt pick up.
  • The panels can also be cleaned frequently with high pressure or aggressive cleaning agents.

Easy installation

Fabrication and installation are critical to a project's success. Trespa Virtuon can be machined similar to high-quality hardwood, using Tungsten Carbide tooling - project teams are freed to create interiors with a variety of installation methods and finishing options.

When the panels are machined, the dense and homogeneous core of Trespa Virtuon leaves a crisp, clean edge and a uniform opening; switches and controls can be easily slotted into the panels. Floor to wall joints can be made flush - minimising dirt entrapment and enabling effective and easy cleaning methods.Trespa Virtuon panels have post formable properties.

Design Freedom - Colour your Imagination

Trespa Virtuon is available in a broad range of basic, modern and trendsetting colours, including metallic options - with unique glittering properties and depth of colour.

Panels are available in both standard grade and enhanced Fire-Retardant grade (FR), with no minimum order quantity.

Trespa Virtuon panels can be produced in a variety of sizes including the exceptionally large 4270 x 2130mm (±168 x 83in) to aid the minimisation of joints and connectors and, therefore, reduce dirt entrapment. 

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Technical data

Click HERE to view all Trespa Virtuon technical data                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Virtuon Colours   

Trespa Virtuon colours


 Please note: Trespa Virtuon  J12.4.2  Garnet Red, J20.4.2 Northern Lights and J24.3.3 Lagoon have been discontinued.

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