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Components & Installation Information

Trespa Pura FAQ

1. How do I install Trespa Pura horizontally?

Click on the image below for step by step instructions

2. How do I install Trespa Pura vertically?

Click on the image below for step by step instructions

3. Which components might I need?

Click on the image below for a suggestion of which accessories you may need for horizontal or vertical installations.

4. Why don’t you sell an installation bar?

The installation bar is set at a distance of 35mm from the starting height you would like the Pura cladding to be installed and used as attachment points for the first row of universal clips.

The installation bar can therefore, be any straight-edge bar you choose to use. The installation bar is removed once the bottom row of Flush sidings has been placed.

5. What is the positioning tool used for?

The universal clip positioning tool included with the universal clips is provided to allow a mandatory 1mm vertical expansion between the clip and Pura edge. 

6. Where can I use outer-corner profiles?

Outer-corner profiles, as the name suggests, can be used in the outer-corners of your installation. The corners can also be used around windows and doors to create a neat finish.

7. Where should I use finish profiles?

Finish profiles can be used anywhere you feel they will enhance your installation. Our customers have used them in corners where the space is not configured in such a way that it would fit an outer-corner profile – for example, above window frames and around doors, to name a few.

8. Are corner and finish profiles necessary?

Neither profile is necessary when installing Pura cladding however, they can provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your design.

9. Is the support profile only for vertical installations?

In theory, yes the support profile should be used to start the vertical installation of Pura cladding but, as with the other profiles available, they may be used in horizontal applications by installers if desired.

10. Can I fix the cladding directly onto plywood?

No, Pura must be installed onto battens, with a cavity of at least 20mm deep behind the cladding to ensure natural ventilation. 

Further questions?

Further questions?
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