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Better protect the planet with Trespa® TopLab® BASE

Help fight climate change by opting for a scientific surface solution with low carbon emissions

Rising sea levels. An arctic without ice. Heatwaves. Flooding. More traffic jams. It may seem like a synopsis to the latest ‘end-of-the-world’ cinematic release, but in fact it’s our future. We are staring at this apocalyptic future right down the barrel as we start to feel the effects of climate change.

The fight against climate change is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone needs to chip in and be part of a global effort to make the planet a safer place.

The built environment industry has a significant impact on global emissions and embodied carbon is a significant contributor accounting for around 10% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. To make big steps in the industry, we must address the carbon emissions we produce throughout the construction life cycle.

Materialising a sustainable solution

Trespa, a premium developer of high-quality panels for scientific surfaces, has that in mind and are aware of the environmental impact in their Trespa® TopLab® range, especially Trespa® TopLab® BASE, a material highly used in the education sector.

Embodied carbon is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions that arise during the whole manufacturing life cycle. From construction to maintenance and replacement, and dismantling and disposal, everything is counted.

The amount of carbon emissions produced is measured as carbon dioxide equivalent, a measure created to describe the global warming potential of all greenhouse gases. Trespa® TopLab® BASE produces 3.46kg of CO2eq per 1m2 of 16mm during the A1-A3 phase of its life cycle which is significantly lower than some comparable high-pressure laminate (HPL) products in the UK which sit in excess of 20.9kg CO2eq per 1m2. So, in layman's terms, in the A1-A3 lifecycle stage up to six times less carbon is released by Trespa® TopLab® BASE than some comparable products in the UK.

To understand more about the environmental impact of this material, view the product EPD for Trespa® TopLab® BASE

Our sustainable offering as distributor of Trespa® TopLab®

If you are mindful about your carbon footprint or need to present to your project team the sustainable data of a material, we offer a free carbon calculation service which utilises the exact quantity of Trespa® TopLab® BASE needed for your project, to see the exact amount of emissions that will be emitted during the manufacturing process.

As a distributor we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We calculate the carbon emissions of every Performance Panels delivery and compensate the total carbon emissions generated whilst in our care by investing in Gold Standard carbon credits equating to the emissions made to offer a carbon neutral distribution service.

If sustainability is an important factor driving material selection for your next project, we’re on hand to support you.     

Sustainable material selection for the education sector

Our young people are not only victims of climate change, but they are also becoming increasingly vocal in calling for climate action. If you are selecting materials for an education environment, ensure that your students feel comfortable knowing that their school has chosen the best solution for the environment.

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, we will leave this world to today’s children, show them how you are taking action to protect the world by thinking Trespa® TopLab® BASE distributed by Performance Panels.

Stop this from being an apocalyptic film, we don’t want the credits to roll on planet Earth.

Tailored for functionality, think Trespa® TopLab® BASE

Trespa® TopLab® BASE is developed specifically for functional and scientific applications, making it the preferred choice for worktops and cabinetry in sectors such as education, laboratories, and institutions.

For more information about Trespa® TopLab® BASE, including our UK Stocking Programme click here.

We’re proud to be a UK Premium Partner of the Trespa® TopLab® range, if you would like to discuss your next project with our experienced team, please contact us.

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