New Arpa Wood Decors

4 new wood decors have been added to the UK Collection by Athlon for 2019:-

4532 Segato Naturale

4533 Segato Tinto

4602 Eucalipto California

4603 Eucalipto Birmania

Available in 4200 x 1600mm sheets size, the new wood decors are in Alevè finish for a natural wood-effect.

Tactile and three-dimensional, the new decors are ideal for furniture, cubicles, locker doors, reception and seating areas, to name but a few. 
Use the new wood decors to introduce an element of nature, warmth and elegance to your projects in educational, retail, commercial or hospitality sectors.  

Click HERE to view the new Arpa Athlon 2019 Collection


New Arpa Wood Decors - Arpa Athlon 2019

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