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BioCarbon Laminates: Supporting the Requirement of Carbon Neutral Materials in the Construction Sector with an EPD

BioCarbon Laminates receive an LCA and EPD.


The built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint and has an urgent role to play in responding to the climate emergency.

RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge calls on members to meet net zero whole life carbon (or less) in the buildings they design by 2030. To meet this target, architects and designers are looking to make more sustainable choices and start their carbon neutral journey by specifying carbon neutral, sustainable materials and building products.


The UK’s First Carbon Neutral Laminate

At BioCarbon Laminates we recognized the importance of meeting the needs of architects and designers looking to make more sustainable choices, which is why we have partnered with EcoAct to measure the environmental impacts of BioCarbon Laminates. Our aim was to understand how to reduce these impacts and be transparent about our credentials through an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Our EPD enables architects and designers to see the full environmental impact our range of laminates have from Cradle-to-Grave, and how specifying BioCarbon Laminates will provide a sustainable choice to support their own climate ambitions.


From LCA to EPD

The first step on the journey was to support EcoAct in their formation of our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a comprehensive report required for an EPD. The LCA evaluates and measures the environmental aspects and potential impacts throughout a product's full lifecycle such as carbon emissions, non-renewable energy use and water consumption. The LCA included raw materials extraction, manufacturing processes, freight and distribution, fabrication, installation and end-of-life disposal.

This in-depth evaluation follows recognized ISO standards for environmental management; ISO 14040 for the requirements and guidelines for the LCA and ISO 14025 to define the principals for the EPDs. From this robust methodology we can confidently state an assessment of all potential environmental impacts across the value chain of the product, the processes, and services outsourced was conducted, to calculate a complete and transparent environmental profile of our product.

The benefit of conducting an LCA is clarity; as it goes beyond evaluating the Carbon Footprint, to show customers no burden shifting occurs and they are receiving a sustainable product that is verified to the highest environmental standards.

At BioCarbon Laminates, we went one step further. Rather than assessing one example product within our range, our LCA evaluates the life cycle from Cradle-to-Grave across the entire BioCarbon Laminate product portfolio, so our customers can feel confident when specifying and installing our laminates, which-ever surface décor or thickness chosen from 0.5mm to 25mm.


Green Initiatives Lead the Way

The LCA findings identified emission hotspots that enabled us to define clear and measurable initiatives in order for us to manage and further improve our carbon footprint. Our initiatives identified further sequestering of carbon emissions from raw material sourcing and processes within the manufacture. 

The EPD summarises our LCA in-depth report and is further validated by another third-party EuGeos and registered with the International EPD® System. The transparency of our carbon emission calculations provides architects and specifiers a format for which they can use for their own reporting on their environmental policies.


Environmental Product Declaration

To review our EPD please click HERE


BioCarbon Laminates is the Material of Choice

Not only are BioCarbon Laminates:

  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-bacterial protected as standard
  • SGL Fire Performance as standard
  • FSC® certified materials

BioCarbon Laminates are now leading our industry with a certified sustainable product range and setting a green example with their Carbon Neutrality Report.

Join the Carbon Neutral Journey with BioCarbon Laminates and see how your current laminate supplier GHG emissions compare.

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