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Supporting Tree Planting Projects through Pura® NFC orders

Supporting Tree Planting Projects through Pura® NFC orders

Sharing with you the global projects that our tree planting initiative is supporting as we recognise Earth Day 2022.

As part of See Group we are dedicated to making a difference to climate change. One of our many sustainable initiatives includes tree planting. Through our partnership with more:trees we are able to support local communities to help restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty.


Our tree planting commitment

By planting trees, we can help sequester carbon dioxide in the future whilst providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity in developing countries where tree felling is an issue.

For every Pura® NFC order* placed with Performance Panels we will plant 20 trees on our customer’s behalf. Not only are homeowners transforming the exterior of their property with Pura® NFC, but they are also doing their bit to tackle climate change by ordering the material through Performance Panels.

To put this into context, planting 20 trees is 6.00 tonnes of CO2 sequestration which is the equivalent to 14,658.00 miles driven in a standard car!


Supporting global projects

As we recognise Earth Day on Friday 22nd April 2022, and this year’s theme, focussing on ‘Investment in our planet’, there is no better time to shine a spotlight on the numerous benefits of tree planting and raise awareness of the projects that we are supporting as part of our initiative.

Our partners, more:trees, work closely with tree planting projects across the world to ensure that our trees are planted, cared for and support wider community benefits. Currently, our tree planting commitment supports projects in Madagascar, Haiti and Kenya.


Mida Creek Project, Kenya

The Mida Creek project is an example of just one of the projects that we support in Kenya through our initiative. Tucked away in a small village, Mida Creek is surrounded by eight types of mangroves and lined by palms. The tidal creek is home to beds of seagrass and coral, numerous species of fish, feeding sea turtles, crabs, and an array of migratory birds.

The creek is also fundamental to the local community, providing subsistence and income from fishing and farming.

But there’s a problem. Deforestation.

Mangrove trees have been harvested for lumber and charcoal production, coupled with the warming of sea temperatures has led to extreme poverty, reduced wildlife, and endangered sea life.

These problems can be overcome by planting trees in Mida Creek, employing local villagers to plant native tree species and work to restore the local environment while lifting communities out of poverty.

To learn more about the different projects in Kenya that we are supporting through our tree planting initiative, visit the more:trees projects section.


Making sustainable choices

We’re proud to be recognised by Trespa®, the premier developer of high-quality panels, as their UK Premium Partner for Pura® NFC.

When placing a Pura® NFC order with Performance Panels, not only do you receive support and guidance on this complete cladding solution from design options to how to install, but customers will also have the comfort in knowing that by choosing to place their order with Performance Panels they can help make a difference to our planet.

Our tree planting initiative is just one of the positive steps that we are taking on our carbon neutral journey towards achieving Net Zero 2030 as part of See Group. Click here to read our blog and learn how we are delivering Pura® NFC orders sustainably to our customers’ doors through our sustainable distribution programme.

In a time when we are becoming more aware and conscious of our actions on the environment, small changes can make a big impact.

*Each project is recognised as one order. Any separate purchases made for the same project after the main order is placed will not be identified as a new order and as a result will not qualify more trees to be planted.

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