Trespa EBC (Electron Beam Curing) Technology

The introduction of EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology in 1987 allowed Trespa® to produce decorative panels with high colour stability and chemical resistance; switching from a melamine surface to a high-quality coating system. Further advances were introduced by Trespa in 2015 to improve both the quality of the TopLab® surfaces and production capacity.

What is EBC technology?

Trespa EBC Technology

EBC technology is a fast, non-thermal curing method using high-energy electrons at a controlled rate to cure special surfaces. This results in a closed surface with excellent:-

  • smoothness
  • cleanability
  • chemical resistance
  • long-lasting surface hygiene   
  • impact resistance
  • scratch resistance

Trespa produces top-quality high-pressure compact laminates for the most demanding functional and scientific applications.

Proven track record

Trespa TopLab is used in thousands of projects around the world, in pharmaceutical, petrol, food, chemical, healthcare and cosmetics industries, as well as prestigious universities, hospitals and research centres.


Trespa TopLab Plus is ideal for projects where hygiene, avoidance of contamination, ergonomics, safety and sustainability are important. TopLab Plus provides an easy to clean surface which doesn't support bacterial growth, combined with excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents.


TopLab Vertical is used for vertical applications in functional and laboratory environments. Ideal for functional cabinetry, linings of fume cupboards, splashbacks and integrated wall solutions.

Trespa EBC Technology

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