VIDEO PART 2: Discover How Biocarbon Laminates Achieved Their Carbon Neutrality

Anthony Riggi, from BioCarbon Laminates, explains in detail how Carbon Neutrality is achieved.

He discusses the renewable energy sources, the materials used, reforestation intitiatives and how carbon is stored in trees, the management of 200 hectare forest in Columbia, and achieving certification through FSC® and audit evidence by PWC.




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About BioCarbon Laminates

BioCarbon Laminates, one of the latest products to reach the commercial interiors market, was launched at Futurebuild 2020. Produced in a carbon neutral manufacturing facility, BioCarbon Laminates engage in carbon off-setting by using renewables including hydroelectric energy, a programme of exchanging VOC emitting resins for water-based alternatives and investing in global wind farm projects and countering CO2 emissions with a reforestation programme. Its decorative laminates deliver all the benefits of its competitors including quality, durability, resistance to stains and anti-bacterial properties, at no additional cost.


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