Special Compacts

Arpa Special Compacts

Arpa Multicolor, Unicolor and Solid Core special compacts for prestigious designs.

Arpa special compacts have high density, moisture and wear & tear resistance, combined with an easy to clean surface. This makes them ideal for exclusive projects where creating an impression is critical.

Due to their high density and resistance to humidity, they are also well suited to wet area applications such as shower cubicles and swimming pool lockers.


Arpa special compact sheet materials are ideal for top quality furniture:

  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Equipment wall cladding
  • Infill panels
  • Swimming pool lockers
  • Shower Cubicles.

Arpa Specification

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Grigio Perla


Bianco Decò


Blu Notte




Rosso Tegola


Grigio Carbone


Grigio Piombo


Castoro Fiber


Grigio British


Beige Atlantide


Grigio Traffico


Cacao Nocorin


Rosso Purjai


Verde Modo

Special Compacts Available
Arpa Solid Core

Arpa solid core has a surface of decorative paper(s) on both sides and a monochromatic dyed kraft paper core, to closely match the surface décor. This provides solid core colour effects with a consistent colour all the way through. 

Thickness ranges from 4 mm to 12 mm, available to order in 16 colours (see below).

Arpa Solid Core’s density provides scratch and wear resistance - perfect for high-demanding applications.

The smooth and non-porous surface prevents dirt from sticking, making it easy to clean.

Arpa solid core is a unique and exciting material for use in many interior applications such as retail, educational, office, hospitality, residential, healthcare and catering.

Prestigious projects deserve a solid core.

Arpa Multicolor

Arpa Multicolor is a compact, double-sided, self-supporting laminate, with a surface and core layers of different colours to achieve a succession of eye-catching layers.

This compact sheet material can be routed and engraved to great effect, creating unique designs for premium projects.

Available in 10mm and 14mm thicknesses and over 200 different decors.

Samples are available by special request. Please contact us for further details

Arpa Unicolor

Arpa Unicolor compact laminate is homogeneously coloured throughout its thickness for a solid, single colour sheet material. Arpa Unicolor is ideal for high-quality designs in retail, hospitality, furniture and other applications where only the best will do.

Available in the full Colorsintesi range, in thicknesses from 6 to 12 mm thick.

Samples are available by special request. Please contact us for further details

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