Environmental Policy

 Performance Panels Ltd maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure:-
  • Continual environmental improvement
  • Compliance with regulatory legislation
  • Prevention of pollution.
To achieve these goals the company identifies the environmental aspects of its activities and processes, including its supply chain, and measures the consequential impacts.
This data is used for improving environmental performance and the continual evolvement of the EMS.

Supply Chain

The company recognises that its environmental performance is affected by its supply chain. Suppliers and potential suppliers are made aware that their environmental history and performance is a major consideration in the award of contracts to supply goods and services.

Continual Improvement

Performance Panels conducts management reviews of environmental objectives annually. Through the analysis of data provided by the EMS and environmental audits, we establish targets for continual improvement.

Performance Panels recognises that it has a particular responsibility to the local community interest groups in which it operates.

In order to maintain awareness of alterations to existing, and the introduction of new legislation, Performance Panels utilises a dedicated information service to ensure our policy is kept up to date.


The EMS is communicated to all levels within the company by the controlled distribution of this policy on notice boards and at induction training. The policy is freely available to suppliers, contractors, clientsand all other interested parties. It is displayed on the company's web site.

This policy is reviewed at least every 12 months.


FSC® is globally recognised as the highest social and environmental standard in forestry. Each individual operation is audited at least once a year. Performance Panels fully comply with all FSC® requirements to achieve and maintain FSC® certifications. The Chain of Custody (COC) system follows FSC® certified material through the manufacturing process from forest to consumer, linking responsible production and consumption.  As a supplier we believe this approval will improve our offer to you, your customers and our responsibilities to the environment.

Certificate code: TT-COC-004976
Licence code: FSC-C121830
Standard: FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1

Performance Panels FSC® Certification can be downloaded here

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