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Our Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network

As Trespa’s UK Premium Partner of Pura® NFC by Trespa, we are proud to launch our new Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network.  

The Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network is a collective of select UK installers who have completed comprehensive product, technical and hands on installation training of Trespa’s premium exterior cladding material. The training will be delivered by Cliff Sullivan our Sales Director along with members of the Trespa team based in the UK.

Increasing demand for exterior wall cladding in the UK

As the demand for exterior wall cladding on home build and renovation projects continues in the UK, our training network enables installers to stand out in a crowded market through their extensive knowledge and experience on our complete cladding solution, Pura® NFC.

A quality material requires a quality finish

It is important that the quality of Pura® NFC is reflected in the finish of the exterior cladding installation. By developing our own network of trained installers, we are continuing to support our customers during the installation stage by providing them with access to a collective of professionals who are experienced with working with Pura® NFC.

Comprehensive training delivered by Performance Panels and Trespa®

To become a trained installer, completion of a comprehensive training course delivered by Performance Panels and Trespa on site at our training facility based in Corby, Northamptonshire is required.

Cliff Sullivan our Sales Director comments, ‘hands on experience in working with Pura® NFC is key to a quality install, and by introducing our Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network we are creating an environment where UK installers are able to gain confidence and a greater understanding of the material in order to deliver a quality service and install to the homeowner’.

The installers will receive hands on installation training of our exterior wall cladding, Pura® NFC, as well as in depth and technical product presentations. Once the training has been completed the installer must pass a written assessment with a technical validation to follow on evaluations of three completed projects using Pura® NFC, to maintain quality standards.

The complete cladding solution

Through our Trained Installer Network we’re proud to be able to continue our complete cladding solution offering of Pura® NFC all the way through to the installation stage of the project. We want to ensure that our customer’s purchase of our premium cladding solution is installed expertly to complete their vision, as well as developing a collective of professionally trained installers to deliver a high quality install and service level synonymous with the material Pura® NFC and our company, Performance Panels.

With the first date of training scheduled on the 27th September 2023, we’re excited to launch our Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network.

Continue to follow our Performance Panels LinkedIn page to be kept up to date with this new initiative and how you can register to join the Trained Installer Network or to find a trained Pura® NFC installer near you.

Our Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network

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